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By TX.
By tarpon slime sunscreen
Isn't that one of those two guys who build weird stuff to test urban myths? But he's bald on the show. Probably one of them martians from that other post.Ahem, back to the issue at hand. I checked 3 Barnes & Nobbies out here in California and none of them carry The Drake. That's like none, zero, bupkiss, zilch, nada, buckleys, and you can add your own stupid slang term for none now. I swear I'm gonna have to either subscribe or go kill something.
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By flashback
The Barnes and Noble here gets it, checked it yesterday and no Drake. Incredible that they can get magazines about thrasher skateboarding, wrestling, tattoos, and cigar smoking and not get the Drake. Maybe the Journal of Pies will come in.
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By shutupandfish
Those magazines aren't going to print themselves, Nemo! But while we are killing time, here's an innovative solution to another smelly problem. let 'em rip, boyz
By fyshnutz
Image n how many times did you check today?

<small>[ June 05, 2006, 04:35 PM: Message edited by: fyshnutz ]</small>
By Henry's Fork Dork
Got mine in the mail today...and in some sort of stroke of good fortune I was sent two copies. Schweeeet. <img border="0" alt="[band]" title="" src=[/img]raemlins/203.gif">
By Nubbs
Fuck Yes.n Mine also appeared in the mail this afternoon. Time to satisfy those cravings/drake dope sickness.
<img src="Image" /> n Time to [/img]et well".
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By Nemo
not that you asked, but the reason Drakes go to flyshops before Barnes and Noble is because flyshops get them directly from the printer, whereas Barnes and Noble copies have to first go to a distributor's warehouse in Tennessee, THEN they go on to Barnes and Noble. Besides, I want the flyshops to get them first.
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By FliesOnly
Thanks for all the hard work Nemo.Keep the smack, H, horse, blow, crack, dope, hooch, hippie lettuce, maryjane coming!
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