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By Brookwookie
Originally posted by Smithhammer:n Btw, anyone seen Caddis' magazine?
Hey now, do not weaken. Do not falter. Our only hope is to completely derail this thread so that it spills onto a second page and bears no resemblance to its original, insidious self. More cowbell will certainly help, but maybe we can render it completely harmless with a liberal application of bikinis and fish:n Image
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By Smithhammer
And just because we're still stuck on page 1, how about another caption contest? Image "Ok, we'll get it open and Brittany, you get inside. And Sheila...good, you're already in the deer suit. Oh-my- gawd, this will be, like, the best A.D.Pi prank ever!!! Those bitches at Tri-Delt are gonna pay!!"
By fyshnutz
good lord, where does a person even get a picture like that? That's really twisted.What's this caddis complaining about? Everytime I even get a new issue, and I have a subscription going back almost to the begining, it has a hand written note from Tom apolagizing for it being months late. Isn't that part of the deal? The suspense of never knowing when the next issue will be published, much less when you'll actually get it?Are we on page two yet?
By D. Micus
i'd get scantily clad wimmin to sit on my fish, but, given the size of my fish, they would disappear (the fish, not the wimmin...)
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By Nemo
A) Dear Caddis--you know how there are certain bars that always seem to have a line waiting outside to get in? And then you finally get inside and there's nobody there but four fat guys in Broncos jerseys playing pool? That's why it takes two weeks to get a copy of The Drake.B) I'm really disappointed that that last thread took over a dozen posts before somebody threw up a chick straddling a hammerhead.C) EVERYBODY knows the difference between Orange.
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by nemo:n B) I'm really disappointed that that last thread took over a dozen posts before somebody threw up a chick straddling a hammerhead.
It's a thresher shark, Mr. Salty. And now that I actually look at the fish, a couple of things leap to mind:A. Thresher sharks are really cool looking.n B. Where exactly is its dorsal fin?And with that I ride this plummeting thread, waving my hat Slim Pickens-style, to oblivion. Yee haw!n Image
By Caneybuff
I love this website, almost as much as I love the Drake, but for the life of me I don't know exactly why .... all I know is that The Drake was worth a few weeks invested in worry about whether it would ever show up in my mailbox, and nemo made no excuses and did a really good job getting it here.. (Psst, n, was that what you wanted me to say?) wish I had some nice pics to post .. really enjoying them.. Mrs Caneybuff just thinks this is just another slimy ol fishin site ....
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By Nemo
Thresher, Hammerhead, whatever. I didn't even notice there was a fish in the photo until somebody else mentioned it. Also--to Caddis--what e-mail did you use to order that Drake?—So I can get to the more-important-but-not-nearly-as-much-fun task of actually solving your problem...n (That said, anybody else with future customer service problems, please e-mail my assistant at, so we can keep the message board to more crucial matters like trekkie conventions.)n "THE DRAKE--SLOW, BUT REALLY SUCKY WHEN IT FINALLY GETS THERE."
By Deerhawk
I gotta tell you guy's, I had a real bummer work day today, it rained buckets and I had some critical engineering to handle. When I got home my girlfriend came by, but just for a quick squeeze and a 5 spot for gas. I was goin to crash early, but read this post and ended up rollin on the floor!!! Fuc&%$ HILLARIOU'Sn I swear, we gotta take this show on the road! Cable Guy got nothin on the Drake Gang! Move over Drew Carey :roll: :roll: :roll:
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