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By FliesOnly
caddis wrote:I still don't have my magazine. When will it show up?
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By befuddled
Speaking of wheres my magazine? I'd like to know who the asshole is that fixed nemo's database. I purchased one and then they used to come like clockwork.

Somebody fixed that for him and I haven't received a free magazine in like 3 years.

That's just bullshit
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By FliesOnly
nemo wrote:you can order my magazine from Barnes and Noble on-line? Wow, that is SO cool! Still, I don't think anyone drinking diet Dr. Pepper should be calling anything else sucky.
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By TX.
CC Riebeeck wrote: Mon Aug 31, 2020 11:57 am When it features a guys bare feet...I don’t care
That might be why I'm seeing it on the "free" shelf at my local.
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By fishskibum
all i knows is it makes me cry that the powders mags no moe
i feel like a part of me is missing
even though it went downhill into a smjw not true to its roots junk show
if you should ever fold
please dont offer to send me mens journal
i aints got no use for skinny jeans and manscapin nor kettles that cost a k
much likes the suk i never made it into the print
but i did gits to show the captain my aint no secrets in the satch stash and share turns of pow
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By FliesOnly
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