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By Stogie
I too had a plum shotty day at work. Long cases, poor humors, and little reprieve except for the quick snatches during a break and lunch to see how bad and how often the Drake really sucks. Not to mention the almost daily comment by those "others" in lounge, "Walker, what the hell are you looking at on the computer". To which I reply, "Chill dawg, it's just another sucky site". By the way, I passed on the Drake to a fellow fly flinging co-worker of mine, I doubt he will see the potential, but maybe his sons will. Yet, I must ask, if the Drake sucks so bad, why do you we all continue to suckle nourishingly together at its teat?Smithhammer, that it is the best pic.n Captions:n a. Reason 23 why you should not screw Ole Miss girls.n b. Guess who's honey hole this beast came out out of?

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By Brookwookie
Originally posted by Stogie:n if the Drake sucks so bad, why do you we all continue to suckle nourishingly together at its teat?
Hey man, pick your poison, I figure.
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By Smithhammer
Originally posted by Stogie:n Yet, I must ask, if the Drake sucks so bad, why do you we all continue to suckle nourishingly together at its teat?
Jeez, Stogie, isn't the answer in the question? Or does Nemo have you reciting zen riddles now too?!?! Image
By fyshnutz
Slim Pickins, if he were still with us, should be the offical spokesman for The Drake. Go ahead and close your eyes and you can hear him saying "The Drake sucks, so you don't have to." Trivia quiz time: Name the movie that starred Slim Pickins as Henry Biege and includes a scene floating down the Yellowstone river.
By D. Micus
dude, little does that kid know it will be a long 17 years before he has another one of those in his mouth!
By Brookwookie
Hey what a timely tangent. I finally saw Episode 3 last night and was...underwhelmed. It didn't suck as badly as Episodes 1 and 2, but it did suck more than The Drake, which is saying something. You have failed me for the last time, George Lucas.
By St. Simon
Where else can you find a thread tha contains everything from Anton Levae to a suckling child (I was never weined by the way)? n Drake for President!!!
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By Smithhammer
Word up, Simon. Pound for pound and ounce for ounce, The Drake sucks harder and longer than any other board out there. I dare any other fly board to even try and compete.Not only can you find Anton LaVey, suckling babies, Slim Pickens, a girl with a large dorsal fin hidden deep in her nether regions, and find out that the publisher is Satan in disguise, its also the only place online where you can find Steve-o, all in the same thread. Steve-o's into Old Milwaukee (talls, of course), Queenryche, tickling catfish and Tractor Pulls. Otherwise known as my Halloween constume this year, which I was so proud of I though I'd share. I don't know who looked more scared when they came to our door for trick or treat - the kids or their parents. ImageBtw, anyone know if Caddis got his mag yet?
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