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By Nemo
whadja do, iron that shirt before you threw it on? And c'mon--the shades need some neon!
By Giant Leech
Damn Smith nice outift. Before I read the post I thought this was just another Canadian bashing turn of events. That is until I noticed the T-Shirt said Canada and not "Roots" (those not near the Canadian border may not understand the typical 60% of a canadians wadrobe consists of clothes by Roots).For our Southern posters I wanted to make sure everyone is familiar with the term "Canadian Tuxedo". The Canadian Tuxedo consists of a blue denim shirt tucked into a pair of too small stone washed jeans. Cat or Timberland boots that the pant legs are tucked into. The jacket is of course the dame color denim and the headwear consists of a Mullet (also known as a Canadian Waterfall, 10/90, Mississippi Mudflap, Barry Melrose, Business in the Front/Party in the Rear, Achey Breaky Hair, Kentucky Goldmine, Redneck Casual, Little on top/Little Trashy in the back, etc...)
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By Nemo
for a complete listing, click on "Humor" above and check out "Mullet Vs Mullet" from the 2002 issue of The Drake.
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By creeklover
Leech,You left out "kentucky waterfall". I'm in the lumber business, so I do business with Canadians, both west and east. Seen a few tux's from time to time. We still have mullets in the south....although the greatest concentration is found in East Tennessee. In fact you can catch a rare glimpse of a "rat tail", the underappreciated cousin of the mullet there. I've heard mullet concentrations are high in Kentucky and West Virginia also. In my home state, Alabama, the northeastern part has it's fair share.Here's the infamous rat tail in all it's glory. Image
By Brookwookie
Imagen Tell me you didn't get some White-Out and paint "Queensryche" on a piece of electrical tape.EDIT: OK, you mulleteers. I own you all. Kneel before Zod. I bring you:<blink>BUTTAFUOCOMULLET!</blink>n Image

<small>[ November 02, 2005, 07:51 PM: Message edited by: Dave L ]</small>
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By Smithhammer
Originally posted by Dave L:n Imagen Tell me you didn't get some White-Out and paint "Queensryche" on a piece of electrical tape.n " />
And your point is? Where else would I get a Queensryche sticker? The local head shop/music store? Come to think of it, I didn't check there...As long as you're on your knees, stay down for this one (and if you can name the movie, you, I guess) : Image
By Stogie
Conventions, cowbells, bikinis, teats, mullets, rattails and Queensryche. All wrapped up in a ridiculous, albeit quite funny thread, three page long (not saying we can't make 4). Yet, does the Caddis (if that is even his real name) have his mag yet? Jeezus.
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By Nemo
Now I'm scared to send it to him because I don't want this thread to end.
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By Nemo
BINGO!!--Four Pages! (OK, I guess I can send it now...)
By Caneybuff
ROTFLMAO, I'm beginning to think this site ain't just about fly fishing.The bass fisherman in the big boat, outta gas, every battery drained, still six miles from the ramp sees a fella in a row boat with two women ... "Hey buddy, can you loan me one of your oars??" n These ain't 'ors. they me wife and me me mother-in-law!!n Someone, please pass me the bottle of LaPhroaig!
By Giant Leech
I apologize about leaving the ever popular Kentucky Waterfall off the list. To make up for it I have added a picture of a true Kentucky Waterfall. Image
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