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By Stogie
He shore has a purty mouth don't he? And such a flat head and all that hair to hold on to. I think you've got a picture of a Tennessee Teaser. I recommend you stay back at least 10 yards when he breaks out that come hither stare with his stomach hair brush to his lips like that. Just sexy.For those of you who are coming to the Drake Bake I, bring your mullet loving eyes open for these stream side sightings Image Jones, I think that kid is wearing a Georgia jersey.

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By Smithhammer
[quote]Originally posted by Giant Leech:n I apologize about leaving the ever popular Kentucky Waterfall off the list. To make up for it I have added a picture of a true Kentucky Waterfall. :p But I think we've been under-representing da ladies: Image Caddis? Ya out there?
By caddis
Some of these pictures prove that there is a sub-specie of the human animal.I still don't have my magazine!! I want it now, now ,now.
By D. Micus
great article about striper fishing in this month's drake!will the mullet ever go out of style??? not as long as people keep marrying their cousins!!!
By fyshnutz
Were heading for page 5!You all want to form a club? check this out, Mullet Hiako You haven't lived until you've paid you dues and have you very own "Beer Church" patch to sew onto your vest, (or chest pack for "those types").More movie trivia: Name the movie filmed in Livingston MT and starring Tom Waits? Extra clue - screen play by the same writer as the winning answer to my previous movie triva question
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By flyfisheraa573
You can't convince me otherwise that the kid is not wearing a UGA jersey, as a matter of fact I know the kid and his father (or atleast they think it is his father, they haven't taken the paternity test as of yet, to set up the Child Support payments) The guy is my 3rd cousin, twice removed on my Aunt Melba's side. Great guy, he has a job as a midnight fork lift operator at a local chalk mine, or for the fancy folks a kaolin processing facility. He is a pretty nice guy, but has somewhat of a drinking problem, go figure. In some counties in GA. they still haven't realized that the recipe for moonshine and meth is not true chemistry.If you happen to see him on the river again, please do not kick over his can of corn, he really got pissed about that, I told him I didn't know you, but he refused to believe it, and still insist on everytime he drives by, shooting me a bird, and chunking his empties in the driveway. It won't be much longer though he has to start his sentence pretty soon, for that horticuluture conviction.
By fyshnutz
ding ding ding, we have a winner! For you efforts you will recieve a $9 gift certificate to Rodneys Mullets Shop in Smyma GA, and a years memberhip to "the beer church".n Step right upn step right upn Everyone's a winner, bargains galoren That's right, you too can be the proud ownern Of the quality goes in before the name goes on
By D. Micus
what do you call a guy with a mullet hair cut in a three piece suit?the defendant.hey, as far as that movie pic, i never realize tom waite was so pretty!

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By Capn Crooks
well if the drake sucks then mullets must rule...n How in hell did the mullet ever become a global thing? we have more than our fair share in Africa.n mind you,what with the reputation for incest and all I wonder! :o
By Brookwookie
Tom Waits sings like cookie monster. Over.EDIT: Page 5! Booya! WOOT!

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