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Can someone please recommend some neoprene waders as well as a 5 weight starter pack to go with them?

I also need one or a few preferably of them Wyoming trout stickers if anyone has some lying around. Got a new whip and I need people to know what a huge fly fisher guy I am.

I will send whoever has them a bottle of bourbon in exchange. Or if that’s not your flavor I can also pay us American dollars.

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By Lando
Go with the Cabellas 5mm

I don’t fish a 5 wt, but my dudes use a BVK.

PM me your address.
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By fatman
fuk me, you know it's slow when the ginger makes it two weeks without gettin' Bruced. :smile

that or Jed is rubbin' out a winter woodie
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By Average Joe
So RockinDaddy got his stickers, I got a very nice bottle of sipping whiskey, and Lando got nothing.  I will make amends for that at the luau.  Until then, thank you both!
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By Lando
I got a big smile knowing you’re getting Hagened at noon.
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By Kfoxwyo
Who was it that used to "tell" on people who posted Gingers...Still there. A win.
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