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By Kylemc
Pretty much my diet except the likker is usually not store bought. Yeah, chicks dig me.

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By jhnnythndr
I'm in an airplane winging my way to the land of apple likker. Whichll figure prominently in my next episode of debauchery I'm sure
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jhnnythndr wrote:..... this one is really for Chowdah jerky and food designed to get prudish yuppie girls out of their otherwise unbreachable pants
Was carrot cake did that with my wife....... and still works.
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By jhnnythndr
Well throw up the recipe and a couple pics hey
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Recipe later- after the holiday. Hmmmm and a picture.... do I feel lucky? Why yes, yes I do. But you'll only be seeing the cake.
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By tailchaser
Randall Dee wrote:Lest you degenerates think I'm strictly a sushi and 13 bean guy, I offer up my smoked beer can chicken..............




ooohhh that's nice. that's really nice.

if i were hard ron, that would make me good-hard.
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By Randall Dee
Thanks Tailchaser.
SOBF wrote:WTF...greenery ??? Not happening here.................
Out here in Orygun, it never rains and it's always green and sunny. :cool
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By jhnnythndr
Oh man. Your speaking my language.
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By orangeradish
In a bowl mix the following...
1 cup Hoisin sauce
red rooster chili sauce to taste
few big shakes of 3 Crab brand fish sauce. (Gotta be 3 crab)
buncha pressed garlic
buncha grated ginger
drop something dead into the bowl
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