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By jhnnythndr
Damn orange radish bringing the heat with the rooster sauce what's up. I bring on float trips rooster sauce and Cajun spice and black pepper to grind. Oh yeah and coffee and whiskey and beer
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By Hogleg
jhnnythndr wrote:Indeed it is. Of the shitty variety. I really miss the old school one I stole back in middle school. Such is life.

Listen if your gonna hock snow on this fuckin board you better throw up the goods. I like your take on jerky but I need images hey.

Now post up a Ginger bathing in chowder using a stick of elk jerky as adildo while perusing an orifice catolog

Or STFUGDIAF. This isn't teh suk your usd to. This is the fucking assifieds. So post ip the goods
She's actually a "Day Walker" and not a true Ginger and she has the Orvis catalog in her left hand so you can't really see it, you'll have to take my word for it.
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Found some pretty disturbing shit with the "hot redheads masturbating Orvis jerky chowder" google search. After about 15 hours of that I gave up and took a page from RFA's book.
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By jhnnythndr
Behold. The goods. Let this be a lesson to you others.

This is the assifieds. I don't care bow fucking awesome of an intro you had. Over here we demand to see the goods.

Now bring the goods and your favorite jerky, Chowdah, and food so awesome it gets otherwise puritanical skanks to climb aboard your talleywhacker recipes to the assifieds Bitches
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By Pancho Rancho
Fine dining and cookery has always been one of my strengths and I think I can contribute to this thread. Be it known that not only isthe blending of selected ingredients important in the creation of an amourous atmosphere so to is the use of the proper kitchen utinsils and the pairing of food and drink. Good chefery requires attention to details.
all canon 2010 596.JPG
all canon 2010 596.JPG (53.57 KiB) Viewed 1092 times
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By jhnnythndr
Dude I'll spread peanut butter all over a girl and roll her in potato chips. And that my friend is a meal
Oh additionally this photo has a whole lot going for it froma compositional standpoint. It's a real winner on many levels
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By jhnnythndr
Yeah fritos which are great for a sandwich but if you've ever rolled a peanut butter coated girl in them you know why I now will only use potato chips.
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By blumpkin
I once covered a waterbed with hundred dollar bills, then humped a married coworker on top of the bills on the waterbed. The hundred dollar bills belonged to the girls husband, he was a CPA. In my defense, the chick was stone cold crazy and had told me that some rich ex boyfriend had given her the money. I then collected the hundred dollar bills and went to the Harley Davidson dealership and used them as a down payment on a "92" Fatboy. While the guy at the dealership was counting the cash, he commented that he had worked at a bank for 15 years and had never seen bills so sticky...
When the shit hit the fan, I sold the bike and moved to Bozeman MT for a little while.

Chicken adobo recipe to follow...
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The house just cleared out from Christmas Eve dinner, my girl is on the phone with her mom.... so of course I come here to check in. WTF's wrong with me. Yes, rhetorical.

Wife and I teamed up on a couple stuffed pork loins, and I said to her when I pulled them out, Don't start cutting til I get a picture.

Well, in her defense, it was mayhem. No picture. But it was great. I hadn't cut a loin like that before, so I was into it- opens all kinds of possibilities. ANd pork cooked with apples, etc, always good.

So, Merry Christmas to all in the assifieds.
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By jhnnythndr
Fuckin a to the assifieds crew I say merry Christmas. You pack of bastards
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By west_jay
Wife and I teamed up on a couple stuffed pork loins, and I said to her when I pulled them out, Don't start cutting til I get a picture.

I had to re-read this sentenance a couple of times. Still not sure if I got it right.

Get Christmas right, fuckturds!! Have a Merry One!!!

Thank dog ferthe assifieds. :cool
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