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By CarelessEthiopian
Pretty sure this is gonna blow up in my face.

So, yeah. We need another guide on our roster for this summer. This is in Grand County, CO. This is NOT FULL TIME. Sorry, but we don't want any rookies. This is a great outfit to work for. All walk/wade.

Please PM me.
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By jhnnythndr
OHHHH SHHHIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO FUCKING RECIPE?????????????????


now post up a recipe, and another mustache pic. and all will be forgiven
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By jhnnythndr
Thanks CE. This is why we can't have anything nice. Hey stoopid fuck. You obviously can't comprehend what you are reading. Go read what boobs are supposed todo. It's a sticky in the general discussion. Then note that he said- in addition to no rookies fucking pm him.

Anyone who hires you is obviously trying to get points with the ACLU for firing retrads. I for one applaud the efforts of any future employer of yours A's I personally feel like getting the handicapped out there being productive and off the fucking dole is a righteous cause.

This is likely a great job for you As you won't be jeopardizing peoples lives with your retradded rowing technique. Wade only. Oh- wait, how serious is your down syndrome- I mean does it affect your mobility to the point that you would require a little scooter to navigate the stream banks? That would be a deal breaker.
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jhnnythndr wrote: does it affect your mobility to the point that you would require a little scooter to navigate the stream banks? That would be a deal breaker.
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By Lando
Jhnny, I got this.

Hey ptfox11. I am going to type using small words so you may understand. I am not sure if you have visited this site before, but there are some folks that live for ripping a n00b a new one. However, if said n00b were to make an intro post (see here for instructions: ... =1&t=14514) it would help calm the masses.

Now Mr. Thndr was trying to be nice. Believe me, it was very classy of him to just call you a retard. In fact, he could have gone on and on about you signing up for a guide school. Oh, and then going on the internet bragging about how mommy and daddy are tired of paying your rent and shit (since you got kicked out of college after 8 years of trying) and feel that a part-time guide gig is more your speed.

Cutthroat Anglers Guide School? What the fuck? If you need a guide to catch a cutt, you are not only a retard, but blind, deaf, and bound to a wheel chair. If you sign up for a Cutthroat Guide School, you are three tokes away from a carrot.

Oh, and the internet tough guy position has been filled by Larry. You have to show up and kick his ass in the parking lot if you want to take away his title.

So I give you some free advice. Take a mulligan. Delete this account and start a new one. Come in through the front doors and act in accordance-don't come barging in through the back door, take a shit in my kitchen, then ask if there is any beer left.
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By jhnnythndr
Oh I am living the dream.

Dieing slow.

You are a classic example of what is wrong with the human race. Your inability to follow instructions, the fact that you have somehow come to the conclusion that you are a special case- an exemption- if you will, is a red flag. A guy like you is essentially totally unemployable. As a prospective employer I would be very Leary of a guy who "is a special case". You are the dickmunch who will be taking clients
Onto closed waters, fish dropper rigs on single hook water, and trespass on private property- all while representing another mans business and good name. Why? BecAuse you are a) a fucking retard who has the reading comprehension skills of a mongloid bastard and the fucking regs, like the guidelines for noobs here or CEs guidance that rooks need not apply, and to take it to PM, are over your head. Or / and b) you are fucking somehow special after learning how to "read water" at cut-rate guideschool or whatever the fuck you are going to, and as such- none of that shut applies to you.

You my friend have done a truly first class job of representing yourself as a total jackass who can't, or worse yet, won't follow instructions.

The great thing about this is that despite the fact that I am the least responsible person I know, I am somehow able to maintain a coast guard lisence and show up at the put in , or other appointed meeting place on time- and put people onto fish, and don't need to worry about representing myself as a total dipshit because I have what's called a "proven track record" and "resume"

This means that I will continue to get paid and tipped while you learn a little bit about how to present yourself in a more favorable light. Dumbass.

Aren't life lessons fun?
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By blumpkin
You are going to pay money to attend Cutthroat Anglers guide school...

Course Details
The class runs 6 days, 10 - 12 hours a day, with a cost of $1800 per person. We provide the instruction, boating equipment, life jackets and lunch daily. Students should be able to provide their own fishing equipment and fishing license. Classes are limited to 8 students, with a 2-1 student to instructor ratio, and a minimum class size of 4. A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot, with the balance due at class time.

Guide School AgendaDay 1
■Class Registration / Intro to Class
◦Mission Statement • Overview of Class and Overview of Cutthroat Anglers Guiding Operation
■First Aid CPR Certification
■Casting Instruction
■Proper Trailer Loading and Trailer Maintenance
Day 2
■Dry Land Demonstration on Boating Equipment • Proper Fit and Types of PFDs
■Safety Equipment/ First Aid and Emergency Equipment
■Rigging of Dorys and Rafts
■Verbal Lesson on Boat maneuvering and Techniques
■River Currents, Obstructions, Obstacles and Hazards
■On Water Training • Oar Boat Training
■White Water Classification • Scouting Rapids • Types and Causes of Rapids
■Practical Experience with Rowing Techniques
Day 3
■Continuation of On Water Oar Boat Training
■Initiation of Fly and Float Fishing Training
◦Knots, Tippet, Leader
◦Fishing Set Ups (Dry, Dbl Dry, Dry Drop, Nymph, Streamer, etc.)
◦Rowing Strategies for Fishing
◦Handling of Boat During Fish Fights
◦Netting, Handling and Proper Release of Clients Fish
◦Reading Water and Identifying Trout Lies

Day 4
■Continuation of On Water Oar Boat Training
■Continuation of Fly and Float Fishing Training
◦Throw Bag Training • Rescue Procedures
◦How to React in Adverse Boating Situations
◦Service and Professionalism
◦Entomology and Fly Selection
Day 5
■Continuation of On Water Oar Boat Training
■Continuation of Fly and Float Fishing Training
◦Re-enforcement of Techniques and Procedures Taught
◦Identifying Needs, Desires and Limitations of Clients
◦Client Relations
Day 6
■Continuation of On Water Oar Boat Training
■Completion of State Required Minimums for River Guide
■Regulations and Laws Governing the Operation of Commercial Guiding and Outfitting
Day 7
■River Guide Certification

You could become a registered outfitter in CO for $1800, you would be able to hire guides and put on your own ass clown guide school...
Kids these days...
CarelessEthiopian wrote:Pretty sure this is gonna blow up in my face.
Thanks for policing this for me fellas.

Ptfox, consider this a response to your PM. You should have listened. Guide school wasn't helping your standing, but the icing on the cake was your intro. The one pic of a fish you included was a rainbow freshly raked accross some dry rocks. That's not how we treat fish.

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