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By Crick Addict
Here ya go.... :coffee

Andy Metzger - Fly shop owners in need of summer assistance


After having such a good experience at the Chattooga fly shop yesterday as well as on the stream (river fishing reports and I noted First Post), and having been in search of a fly fishing job in Charlotte during the summers unsuccessfully, I realized this would be a good way to inform the local fly shops that I would love to work long hours May and June, and spend anytime not working in the area fishing for trout to prepare for trout as well as earn money to pay for a NOLS trip all of July. I'm willing to do just about anything from spend a day in a fly shop after fishing in the morning and evening, as well as learn to guide if there is an instructional course which could get me out on the water earning money without pulling from your store. In this case, weekends would be the best so that I could take classes in Athens. Basically, I am extremely flexible, and would love to send in my resume and cover sheet to any fly shop interested. Proximity to either Athens or Charlotte is important, as well as working long hours in groups of three to four days, in order to still reside in Athens. My first post is under the river report category, but figured this was the best place to post this thread.

Please just reply with you shop name and email if interested, or even give me a call at 704-591-5032 after 3 Monday through Friday. I will happily send you my resume and cover letter.

Andy Metzger
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christ , thought for a second you were frying C.E. :coffee
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By Spudnik
Hey, dicky... you should attend the guide school that me and some buddies are starting. It's called "Guide School; What they don't teach you at Guide School"

Classes include but are not limited to:

How to pay your own bills 101
What to do when your outfitter is drunk and wants to kill you
"My boat is on fire, but I'm late. Is there time to put the fire out?"
How to sleep standing up while leaning on your net
Measuring fish with your dick - everything you catch is over 4", but you're pretty much lost after that

PM me for details. $2,000 for the 3 day class.
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By jhnnythndr
I'm in

when's the next available class? I need a little advance notice acually becasue flights are pretty high right off the bat, so If i can have like 3 months lead time my mom's frequent flier miles will go a little further. My step mom's i mean. Mom and I dont talk, she says I remind her of my dad. If that means I slay pussy that is twenty years younger than me, well she can be a bitter dried out cunt all she wants- I'll take it- or at least I will in 15 more years. or 20? whatever- math isn't my strong suit, but I can tie nail knots, blood knots and bimini twists High, drunk and with my eyes closed. Oh- and I can row- like a fucking viking. Oh yeah, and my "new mommy" says I am way bette rin the sack than the old man... so I already got the milf angle handled. Really I am just looking for a little polish, and a piece of paper that says I am a guide, how much is that?
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By Lando
I just want a pro deal on Sage rods and a Simms Pro Staff shirt and/or sticker for my truck.
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This one is still a toss-up for me.

Outfitting business isn't willing to provide full-time employment, yet isn't willing to work with rookie guides.

Rookie guide isn't even a rookie yet, just an eager wannabe who doesn't have the sense to realize that dumping that kind of money at a so-called "guide school" doesn't mean jack squat.

Still, a semi-interesting game seems to be in the making.
KP wrote: Outfitting business isn't willing to provide full-time employment, yet isn't willing to work with rookie guides.

It's not that we aren't willing, we just can't provide the work. We are small potatoes, one full-timer and 3 part-timers. And as for the "no rookies" thing, I'm just aiming high.
By speybait
Hire me, CE. I'm top notch with sports.
I'll go tell my wife I shall be otherwise detained for the summer.
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By Pancho Rancho
speybait wrote:Hire me, CE. I'm top notch with sports.
I'll go tell my wife I shall be otherwise detained for the summer.
I might add he is quite talented with LE folk as well (should the need arise). As Dave C. says always good to have one around.
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By TX.
Shit, I'll do it.
I ran a "small taters" operation for 14 years...I worked full time, part time, and double time.
Give me an 80% cut per trip (and fuel there and back), I have my own boats/ rods/ flies....and food.
I lived in Co. for a spell as well.

Yeah, you did set yourself up for this one.
Hope you get a respectable PM.
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By Hogleg
There's a douchebag in my town that rolls around in his early model toyota with a camper shell, the back window of which is covered with those nerf football sized "Orvis endorsed guide" stickers with the year he was endorsed and, I guess, re-endorsed. Counter-clockwise from the top left it starts with like 1994 and goes to like 2002. I wonder... Does he now have a lifetime endorsement? Did he just run out of room on his camper shell back glass and has the rest of them framed in his apartment? Did he somehow break the Orvis guide code of conduct in 2003 and get black-balled? Did it take him 7 years to realize that you don't need a sticker on your truck to prove that you are a guide (douchebag)? Did he grow tired of having his tires slashed at the take-out? Did he marry some psycho chick who made him give up his dream? When I see those stickers I read them as "I'm a big douchebag", he probably reads them as "I'm sofa king cool". Maybe someday I'll catch him in the grocery store parking lot and get the answers I've been searching for.
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By Woolybug25
I get that there are a lot of dorky ass wannabees that try to "get into the industry", but I am suprised that you guys are dogging on guide schools so bad. I can't tell you how many guides I have met and know that have no idea how to teach someone how to fly fish. They may be great fly fisherman themselves, but are terrible when it comes to translating their skill set to someone else. Not to mention, there are several safety measures than ALL guides should possess (CPR certification, boat safety, first aid, etc) that not only cost money to obtain, but can be time exhaustive as well. Also as this thread proves, even little outfits with only part time work to offer, prefer to not employ guys without experience.

Guiding is like teaching, its a distinct skill set. If someone wants to become a guide because they like fishing, they are getting into the wrong business. It's all about teaching others how to do it. With all of this said, I too find it comical when people look for seasoned veterans for part-time/small outfitter gigs, while in the same breath poking fun at people that are proactively educating themselves in order to excel at what they are trying to make into a CAREER. I never went to guide school myself, but know the guys at Cutthroat. They are good guys that take their school serious. The guys that complete their school not only get a lot of experience in a short amount of time, but Cutthroat uses their networking abilities to find these guys jobs all over the country.

Sorry... but if I am spending money on a guide, I will take the younger guy right out of guide school that takes his job (and my trip) seriously over the college dropout that moved out west to become a "Trout Bum". Plus, I don't have to worry about my guide being to high to function, steal my beer or fall asleep in the boat when he is suppose to be spotting fish for me.

*BTW, I am by no means saying that guide school should be a prerequisite to becoming a guide. Most of the best guides I know learned on the job. I just think it is silly when people make fun of others for trying to advance themselves through education. No matter what profession that may be.
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