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By blumpkin



Presenting the...

1st Annual assifieds photo contest...

1st Prize: Lamson Konic.


2nd Prize: Colombia Easy Skankin signature edition shirt.


3rd Prize: Abel Nipppers... Just like Hogleg uses.



1. No gear, unless a Marlin is involved...

2. Noobs must follow proper protocol.

3. Any pics deemed offensive will be automatically disqualified.

Submissions must be posted on this thread on or before Sept. 5th. 2011.

There are no corporate sponsors for this contest,

it is just one board members way of giving back to a forum

that has made life a little more bearable.

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By Lando
Two questions:

1. What is the theme?
b. Can thndr hijack this thread?
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By D-nymph
By "gear" do you mean "spin gear" or "gear that I can't afford, like, Nautilus"?

I would hate to go a-foul of the rules.
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By Ramcatt
[quote]"deemed offensive"[/quote]

who is the ultimate "deemer" of offensivtifity?

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By blumpkin
Since there is no chance in hell
That SOBF will win
I am thinking he will be heavily involved
In the judging process.
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