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By Tailer
Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'd rather catch a snuke than anything else. Shit, did I just say that out loud?

Can I get a hint on that beautiful little pattern?
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By Hogleg
Damn fine.
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By tb3.
Tailer wrote: I'd rather catch a snuke than anything else.
X2, such a cool fish. Thank you for bringing the goods :cool
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By davesnothere

Hendrix bump



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By Lando
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By Redchaser
davesnothere wrote:[report]Image

Nicely done. For some reason my Pentax over exposes and blows highlights everytime I try to use the remote. On the upside it has a setting for a 3 second delay with the remote so I have time to hide the clicker.
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By Hogleg
That's a great pic.

Clyde is:
1. clearly howling commands to the rest of the pack
d. mimicking a trained Seaworld seal expecting a herring treat for doing what was asked of him
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