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By Redchaser

Just curious, what weight rod were you using it on? Think it'd do well for a 6wt? I had a 375 on an 8 and it was a sweet freaking reel.
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By mark
I was using it on a #4 (WAY overkill, but I hardly used it so..) It should be perfect on a #6. It's rated to carry 100yds. of backing with a #6.
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By Redchaser
Ok I'll take it. PM on the way.
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By BigTimber
Redchaser wrote:Ok I'll take it. PM on the way.

And I've got the 8 wt...... :Roll Eyes
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By Fishwater
PM Funds sent for the S3S.
Went out this morning.
Rust Belt 2019

no $148 wings/pizza. fail.

can we shut this down some more?

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