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By Aguirre
I posted the main shit on the general forum.
This is a no frills auction. You will have 4 days to bid on each fly. Each fly will start at $16 which will cover insured shipping and at least a dollar for Casting for Recovery.
Your fly will come in either a Riker box or a plastic baseball card style box, depending on it's size.
I think Shunned's fly is the only one that won't fit inside a plastic box. Shunned's fly also comes with a certificate of authenticity. The rest come with a cum sock.

The first fly will be mine, it is a Mar Lodge Variation. If you want this fly you bid here.


The bidding for this fly will end on Sunday at 9pm EASTERN. I will look at my watch at 9pm and then check to see what the highest bid is and that person will be the winner. I will make a post and no further bids will be accepted.
Then the next fly will go up.

It will be one of these: UPDATED


Top fly (Jedi)



Charle Jenk


And at least one more, maybe more...stay tuned.

But these are all for later, the fly up for bid is the top one.
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By Aguirre
Plow wrote:10 bucks for the cork.
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By Aguirre
Well at least one.
I love Orvis shirts but their larges are xls.
Except for sweaters as noted.
They really lay it down.
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By fatman
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote:I cant even sell a genuine Orvis shirt on this site; yet, you somehow believe you are going to be able to sell flies?
don't post any creepy pics of Heero holding said flyties in his underwear, or your auction is fucked :wink
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By befuddled
where the hell is 2fish's fly box being auctioned?
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