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By Aguirre
This is about as perfectly tied fly as you're gonna see.
Don't know the name of this fly but Glista tied it.
I almost kept it. Probably should have.
Now buy it. Closes Saturday night 9pm ET cause I'm going out Friday night and will forget and two days isn't enough.




Send me the note.
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By pbrstreetgang
fer fuk's the shit am I supposed to have $ for holidays this year with all these stunners in the auction? Can you post a wolley booger or something crappy so I feel ok passing up on an auction? Chrissakes, man...
(I may need an extra day on the payola to scrape the davenports for change...) :smile
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By Aguirre
It's ok, I'll tie some more flies. They go for cheap. (weeping)
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By Aguirre
Thanks PBR, you're a nice guy.
I'm walking downstairs to send your flies right now.
If you win this one I'll send it later. Don't send a check to me for shipping if you win this one, you sent enough before. I will cash that check for shipping today and send your and Average Joe's checks to CFR today as well.
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By shunned
did you just call me a rigger because that's our word.

not yours.

I realised last night that I may be immediately ruining the proletarians chances, so from here on out I shan't open the bidding at such a high price.

cheers serfs,
:bow king mitch :bow
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By shunned
as the pressure seems to have eased off of our aggers and it looks as if he's some time to enjoy himself I'd just like to plant a seed and ask when the real auction is taking place.

are we there yet?
are we there now?

how 'bout now?...

sorry pbr,

looks like you're still parting with that three ton, mate.

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By pbrstreetgang
oh, I'm good for it. maybe more. Kinda surprised how "slow" this is given the cause behind it. that's all.

I received my Root fly and Agger fly today - and then some. I am in awe.

Folks don't know what they're missing...
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By vaku
I'm just checking back in here after a couple of weeks of fucking working, work that caused me to miss the steelhead bake, btw.

I have an envelope ready to send to aggers in the morning! I put extra special sticky stuff on it so that it gets picked!

Everyone who is bidding and winning, thanks and thanks again! really.
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