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By Hogleg
One fiddy.
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By Aguirre
Roll tide whores!
Is this game over too?
I'll check in an hour.
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By Aguirre
Nice, a new winner.
One to me cash or check for twenty and one to CFR attn: "Suzi"/Drake Auction, or whatever her full name is,
go back to about page five if you want specicifics.
Congrats, thanks for playing.
I have no more flies until I get one back from NY.
I do have a surprise item up for sale however, will post details after coffee.
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By Aguirre
Sorry, the surprise will have to wait, I just haven't had the time to right the offer up.
This however is the FINAL FLY.
You LAST chance to own a Drake tied fly of yesteryear.
Rootwad's lovely Artful Dodger.
Friday 9pm et.


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So you want to own a flyshop?

Great stuff, Rich, keep em coming.

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