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By Aguirre

If you sent me a check for a fly your check will be sent to the charity at the end of this fly auction so probably a week or so.
So be sure your funds are still available so CFR doesn't get any bouncers.
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By Aguirre
Sorry guys, was wrapped up, late to the closing.
But it appears it goes to PBR again!
Well done on another fly!
Thanks for your charity dude.

The Mitch fly is on hold until I receive some late monies.
Not long. This weekend probably.

Thanks for all this.

I'll tally the total and send the checks.

This was a good thing boys, congrats and thanks!

Ags, signing off.
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By Aguirre
Sorry guys, I work in tv news and as you know there was some breakin news.
Couldn't do the raffle.
My best friend went to that school, his cousin was a teacher, knew the murdered principle, has friends who's kids go there.
Rough shit.
He's not taking it well with girls that age of his own.
He lives in basalt, CO now.
Anyway, raffle will take place soon.
Just when I get some time.
Good luck and thanks for the donations!
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By fatman
not that big a deal. when you get around to it.
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By Aguirre
I think I'll do the austro-raffle Christmas eve.
You know, for the helluvit.
It raised $$s, I'm happy.
Honcho has the most tickets in the hat with a fifty.
Surly has fifty too.
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By pbrstreetgang
make sure you're drunk as fuck and fall into the tree, please. not in a painful "ruin Christmas" kind of way, more just like a weird Uncle who tells his young nieces and nephews that driving a garbage truck in suburban Chicago is like driving a pirate's treasure chest with wheels. Vomiting in the bathroom is ok, too - but you gotta use the bathtub.

trust me, I grew up just fine after staring into a mirror for five hours after being dosed at prom Junior year. really...

so there's that.

yeah, raffle time.
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By fallen513

My faaaaaaace is meltinnnnnnnnng.

Let's DANCE!
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By Aguirre
Then it's settled...
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By Aguirre
And the main even, the Austrotard fly raffle tied by Mitch, donated by Ginseng Sullivan and paid for by Average Joe.

If you donated I thank you and CFR thanks you.

Thanks to all of you for sending in money.

And now,

Drum roll.....



And the winner is...


Congrats on your new green fly from Austria.

I hope it brings you holiday cheer and special magic powers.

Send your address please.

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