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Redchaser wrote:
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:
Redchaser wrote:BM, that deer hair hummingbird is badass.
it was a gift as well!!!

all the better.
I was pretty sure you hadn't tied that.....
Now that fine not is my handcraft......
[report]up for grabs....... I got this on this thread a few years back from pbr streetgang.

it comes with a line ..i'm guessing a 5 or 6 ..extra spool and wool lined case.


pbrstreetgang wrote:fun reel for smallies - glad you got some use out of it and are moving it along!

yup..I broke the rod i was using with it........freakin cowboy stepped on the tip with his boots. I'm gonna get a whole new settup now.

and it's gonna be sweet.

somebody get this thing it has mojo.
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By Greenback
Many folks have helped me get GB Jr. outfitted (Lando, Redchaser, to name a few), so it's my turn to pass it on to the next gen of little fly people.

I have a NIB pair of Reddington size 2 wading boots for the young angler. GB Jr. has these in a size 4 and they're pretty damn good, even on the really slick stuff.

My only request is that whoever gets these fishes the hell out of them.

As another Ben once said, "No password needed, but I reserve the right to discriminate for reasons that may or may not be disclosed."
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Redchaser waders and Lando 3 wt in action a week ago...
IMG_2256.jpg (1.49 MiB) Viewed 806 times
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By Redchaser
Greenback wrote:Redchaser waders and Lando 3 wt in action a week ago...
gbjr.jpg (1.08 MiB) Viewed 790 times
Meh, he look better in those than me anyway...
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makes me smile!
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By McH
two old, maybe they'll clean up fly lines. Cortland 444 WF4 "Rocket" and Cortand 444SL WF5 sink tip. :cheer

equally old backing and SA System2 45L spools included.
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By Spicytuna
fatman wrote:SS.jpg

For your fashion pleasure:
NWT - Sage S/S Shop Shirt
Says XL but I call bullshit, fits smaller
Protip: plaid is NOT slimming
password: bigbonz

I am going on a working road trip this week, so even if you reply in the next two minutes,
this fukker aint shipping until next week.

thanks for playing. :smile
Going to have to be rerouted.

I was straight Tommy boy fat guy in a little shirt I am not that big of guy either.

I think Sage has the size as a European X-Large Not American

Going to the next bidder under 200lbs
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By Spicytuna
Picture of Sage Shop Shirt on page 129

For some reason the image did not copy over
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