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By root wad
just need an address
By croaker
Thanks, root wad for the flyline, hope to use it soon.

Still collecting dust:



Zippo used a reference.

Got a deal awhile back and upgraded a couple flyreels. This reel has served me well for years.
Though, a little faded and paint chipped on the outside, has many more good years for some one.
Hate to see if collecting dust:



PM an address and I'll send them on...
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By fatman
I have an 8wt glass rod that would work on. PM coming....
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By Hogleg
Hard to tell from the pic but if it's a 3' glass I'll take it. If it's only a 2 footer I'll pass.
pbrstreetgang wrote:been on a reel, cast maybe once into freshwater...

answer your phone boet :smile
here's a few to make up for the others

new Rio clouser WF10F

gently used Teeny Mini tip + (8' type 6 sink tip)
have this in both 8wt and 9wt
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