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By Hogleg
"And I asked unto the lord let me have one rod that will cast dry flies both near and far
and make it also able to cast big streamers and bugs without extra effort.
And I asked unto the lord to make that rod light so I could fish with it all day
and when I was nymphing it would not tire me out.
Make that one rod able to mend nicely and do all the things that its big brothers could do, but with less effort.

And it was so, the lord delivered unto me one rod Sage's One rod 5wt 8'6".

Sweet Jesus I was impressed with how nicely that rod performed. It really did it all without a lot of effort. It also looked thinner than some paper clips I use at work with tiny guides but all in all it performed.

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By Bears Fan
I almost forgot about that. I guess the 8wt must suck ass.
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