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By burgerthumb
I work as a teacher.
I work at a little hippy school in VT. We have a nice river with bass and trout within walking distance from my classroom.

Being a hippy school with all sorts of radical and weird notions about learning, it affords students and teachers 2.5 hours of 'elective' time each week. I get to elect what class I teach on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Not sure how wise a move it is, but for the spring I am teaching fly-fishing. And I need some rods, reels, and lines in trout and bass weights (4-7?) that kids can use. Would you consider lending a setup for the end of the March through mid-June? That's the request. I just need a handful of rods to make it happen.

It's an independent school, but most (85%) of our students are publicly funded, and I don't want to offer my class only to the kids whose daddies can afford to run out and buy them a rod. I'm not interested in anything fancy or too valuable. These are high school kids and they've got a much higher than average chance of breaking something. On the other hand, they are good kids, and with probably less than 8 kids in the class, I can keep an eye on them pretty well.

Let me know if you'd be up for this via pm.

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By pbrstreetgang
I can lend you the following for your class:

- 2 Echo practice rods
- 1 Orvis Battenkill/TLS 3 wt
- 1 Orvis Battenkill/Streamline 5 wt
- 1 Echo Ion 7 wt (no reel, but I am looking)

Let me know where to send them.

Sound cool. I always wanted to do something like this when I taught. Kudos to you.
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By Yard Sale
I gots a 5wt reel for you.
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By Hogleg
I fucking loathe hippies but I'll send you a rig. It ain't nothing special but it's serviceable and you can keep it. I don't want no patchouli smelling shit coming back to me. Just shoot me your address.

Edit for what I can send:

9' 5wt 2piece low end something or another and a Martin reel loaded with a 5 WF floating line and some shitty, brittle tippet. I think it has white tactical backing on it but I'm not sure.
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By MaineDrifter
I'll send along two 5wt outfits, some flies that the fish in Maine won't eat and some stickers, kids need stickers.
Thank you for doing this,
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By burgerthumb
Thanks doesn't even begin to say it.

I am consistently floored by the generosity of folks on this board. This post has been up less than a day and I already have offers enough to take care all of the kids I could handle in my class safely. Remarkable.

I've contacted you all through PM. I know PMs are acting wonky for a lot of folks, so if you didn't get the info let me know on a post here.

I'll try to keep you posted on the progress of the kids. It'll be a while, though. Still plenty of snow on the ground. Probably won't get a fly wet until early April.

tippet and flies are alway helpful, too!
By thalweg
Hey burg, got piles of trout stuff I don't use anymore...stuff I don't need back. shoot me a pm and as soon as I am able to read it I will send you a package.
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By Genome
I Teach Biology in the Ozarks and wanted to do the same thing. Snuffbox sent some info my way about the "Fly Fishing in Schools" program . They fund half the cost of the equipment and curriculum after you put in a short grant proposal. I funded the other half through another small grant I wrote. I got a crap ton of equipment for effectively nothing (10 5wt rod/reels, line, tons of casting targets, curriculum, training aids, instructor training, etc). Katie Cole is the lead instructor and she has developed a nice program. She flew from Oregon to a shithole town in the Ozarks to train us in the program. Snuff and I sat through the training this time last year. I think he would agree its good program with plenty of room to adapt curriculum for your needs. To late to get this going this year but if you put in the grant proposal this school year you should be good to go by next school year.
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By Hogleg
Methinks that my PM box is fucked up- did not receive one from you Burg.
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By Tailer
Its probably the PM system cause I got one from 'Thumb earlier today. Welcome to the new Drake. Its just like the old one, except its fucked.
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By Hogleg
Tailer wrote:Welcome to the new Drake. Its just like the old one, except its fucked.
Gonna have to take that one for a new sig line. Too bad no one will be able to read it unless they happen to be wearing a welding helmet...
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