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By burgerthumb
In fairness to the 'new, improved' board, I think I f-ed up the pm's to hog and pbr. I have resent them and one to Thal. If it's still not there I'll get you my email.

Genome - That seems like a pretty cool program. I'll be looking into it for the future.

thanks again, drakians.
Can't wait to get this off the ground.
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Great stuff Burg-

Sounds like you've got the equipment sorted, but if you need a hand on a field trip to the water, I may be able to squeeze in some time to drive down and help ya for an outing. Otherwise, I'll get you a bunch of copies of Vermont Trout Streams which I revised/re-wrote years ago. Good fallback/overview for the kids of their states waters,etc.

Not back from NZ until late April, so don't hesitate to remind me around then, and we can meet up in Montpeculier or the like as shipping books ain't cheap. :cool
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By burgerthumb
Hey VT!

Another hand with the kids would be GREAT.
I thought I recognized your name but now I know it's from that book. I've owned a copy for years - great stuff. A few copies would be really helpful.

Don't bother rushing back from the other side. 35 degrees, drippy, and overcast here for days on end.
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Hey Burger-

Yea, lol, I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to get back to VT and the states, but I will be back the last weekend of April. I think you may have my email, but drop me a pm if you don't and we'll catch up in the first week of May or the like...
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By befuddled
I got nothing after all the trading we've done around here recently. But if you get somebody to fund a quiver of blanks with the pieces, I'll wrap and glue them for you (plastic, not bamboo). Seriously, it might be a really cheap way to get a dozen rods in your hands
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By burgerthumb
PBRSTREETGANG is the man! Thanks for the hookup.

We are casting a bunch and getting fired up for opening day.

The other day I read them "Some Remarks," the opening essay from McGuane's The Longest Silence. I got a little choked up at the end. I always do. But they totally got it.

Game on.
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