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By ditchdoc
Okay. I have a Canon 10D digital SLR for sale. Yes, I know it is an older model with fewer pixels but, it comes with a battery pack, a 75-300 Ef lens and a 28-80 EF lens, batteries, charger, cables, and manuals. All in Excellent working condition. All for $400.00.

Great camera for someone wanting to get started with a fine digital SLR. Will ship to the lower 48. Contact me by PM if interested.

I await the flogging for actually trying to sell something. :cool
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By CarelessEthiopian
ditchdoc wrote:I await the flogging for actually trying to sell something.

It is a misconception that we troglodytes of the Assifieds frown upon reaching out to make transactions, be they monetary or otherwise. Let it be known, however, that we encourage some amount of "flair" in your advertisement. As precedent, popular flair has included a recipe or arousing pics of red-haired ladies. But flair is not limited to these things. It can be anything; a sweet TR, an amusing or educational anecdote, pics of something else cool, an offer of a kind and selfless gesture. Anything, but something. Be creative. Mkay? It's just more fun with some flair.

edit: kind of like this. link NSFW

Good talk. See ya out there.

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By fatman
CarelessEthiopian wrote:

"can I get that with a fried egg?" :wink
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By Hogleg
Some good looking burgers in there man. Thanks for sharing that.

The one with the thousand island dressing looks delicious. Perhaps my favorite is the mac and cheese burger (drool). I'll have to go through it again a few times before I declare a winner but, holy shit, lots of tasty looking burgers for sure.
"can I get that with a fried egg?"
Just had to ask
Should you find yourself in Kamiah ,Id I highly recommend one.
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By foureyedgeek
Burger thread, nice!

Topic related, I'd really like to get into the digital SLR arena and this one would be a good starter. 400 is.fair price, but too much for me at the moment.
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By Bears Fan
Dock, how much to rent it for a week?


Hit me up.
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By dunk
Will the 28-80 glass go separately? Assuming its Canon like the body...
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