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By Bruiser
Move to Colorado or Washington. Duh.

Glad you had an acceptable outcome anyway.
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By jhnnythndr
Washington isn't an option for the time being. Sadly. Otherwise Id sipping coffee over a late breakfast at Solomon's reef as I post this.
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getting burned still sucks 360 deg.
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By jhnnythndr

Kyle- come to savannah- when the last thing the judge says is "as long as its not in tennesee" I think that means you are disinvited- so I can't make it Sunday - though I hear it'll be a good one.

Big weekend for th sblngs thndr- I get kicked out of Tennessee and my sister wins a time trial in steamboat.
By Kylemc
See you soon.......
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By woolly bugger
TN is over-rated, wait it isn't rated at all. Be well my friend.
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By The Volfish
Plan to spend a little time alongside the dock at Marker 5 where the ICW passes through Oak Hill, FL as you head south. DSG has my contact 411.
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By austrotard
how the fuck did you get caught and why couldn't you talk your way out of it?

did I not teach you anything in that week?

anyway, tell us more about kyle steam boating your sister.

'cause I don't actually get it.

funny thing: I would bet my right hook that I am the only person receiving a building diploma earned whilst being high as a fucking kite... (like) everyday.

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By jhnnythndr
Towlley you're the worst character ever.

It was me or Kyle- or both of us- and he was in probation in Tennessee so he was for sure fucked if he took it- Im in probation elsewhere- so it *hopefully* won't get back there- as I don't have to report anymore...

So that was the logic. Shit- have you seem me lately- the cops were gonna stick me with it no matter what.
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By steelrain202
good deal shouldve worn a suit. my invite still stands
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By blumpkin
I fully endorse these types of shenanigans.

I'm in the hills of Eastern KY.
My driver is Honduran.
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