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By jhnnythndr
Probably have to say masterpiece or minglewood. Though it was jack straw for a longtime
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By steelrain202
How was the game?
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JT are you swinging by for the steel bake?
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By jhnnythndr
Game was legit. I was super high- as per SOP.

No bake for me dude. I've got a yacht Delivery I start nexttuesday and runs to maybe the 3-4 of November and then a few days sailin with my dad and building / installing a mooring up in the creek.
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OK a life on the salt is one to be treasured. You are living well. I very much miss those days badly, even though the entire world has descended and built on my beloved NC salt marsh. I love cabin life. It does not suck to come home to the isolation I crave.
Live well. We will catch up someday.
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By austrotard
'I'd like to order a blah blah blah...'
"great, here's your order number."
"your name?"
"how do you spell it?"
'doesn't matter.'
"I beg your pardon?"
'it doesn't matter how you spell it... just don't pronounce it 'dave'.'
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By jhnnythndr
Hahaha. I'd lime to think the micky d's chick was ducking with the guy who wanted to insure his name was spelled correctly.

I always tell people I don't care how they spell my name. With or without vowels. Idot even care if they make it two words.

I still really appreciate that story though- a perfect day brightener- something trivial to both bitch and laugh about - its perfect.
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By austrotard
that pleases me.

fella on my home site with the name 'gary' did the same.
closes out like this...

yours truly

you can't make this shit up.
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