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[report]Operation Southern Muskie has begun...........

Phase one: stocking the forage took place yesterday evening....Gizzard shad by the truckload....also got a few bonus shellcrackers and bluegill.
30 acres of deep cool water and 100 Muskie fish to come soon.....the next few years will be interesting. Fly only catch and release rules are now in effect.





damn, what a project. nice. :smile
Stunted bluegill ( generic sunfish) . bass and decent crappie.

it was 90 feet at the deepest point but an underground coal mine pumped water from an old works and pulled about thirty feet off the last two years. When they finish minning the lake will slowly refill and get up into the trees and bushes that have taken over the banks....should be good cover. I see that happening in 8-10 years. 60 foot depth is fine in the mean time.

I've always wanted to do something like this too .......I'm excited to see how it turns out. I may throw a few browns in too.
That's pretty bad ass. Cool to see you being a part of something like that. Keep us posted on how that goes.
You can write that down. It will happen if the cool waters and the fish cooperate. It may be a great place to retire and offer once in a lifetime shots at a :Roll Eyes :Roll Eyes trophy fish and a photo for a small fee.
Blummers dug that hand...
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So you want to own a flyshop?

Great stuff, Rich, keep em coming.

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