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Minor setback. My fish guy says he missed the deadline and can't get my Muskie until march.
The upside is the shad forage should be in fine shape once they arrive. I'm a little disappointed but everything will work out.
You should definitely think about doing some kind of time lapse photography project - both above and below the water if possible - so you can look back and admire the progress.

Great project my friend. I'm really looking forward to following this thread in the years to come.

Cool project BM.

I think I would add to the forage population some suckers, or carp and if it is cool enough, maybe some "true" perch.
From what I understand, the muskies like non-spiny/ narrow bodied food primarily. Also would be a good back-up if you have a massive shad kill.
Good luck, looks fun!
Yeah . I would like to catch a few but my vision is to produce some trophies and have a unique fisheries.

The local rivers that have Muskie here are producing giants thanks to the growing season. I'm going to keep pumping the gizzard shad in too.

Hopefully my kids and grand kids will be able to enjoy it.
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