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B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:Hopefully my kids and grand kids and blummers will be able to enjoy it.

Did my 9wt show up yet... Did it... Did it show up.... Has it shown up yet???
Hey man...

I also forgot to tell you that NeedmoreDeet, is sending some
No joke streamers to you for some surf adventures I have

You would be crazy not to nick a few,
but make sure at least something makes it to me.

Next season I will get a P.O. box or something.
Bump if you will.....

BM I know you and Blump man are making holes in pavement now but I wondered how this project was rolling for you ?

Thank you,
[report]This day will go down in history.

I found some time in between my sessions to do something besides dig holes.

It is gonna be cool to watch them grow.








Welcome to Kentucky Boys !!!!!![/report]
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Hell yeah can't wait to see where this is heading
Can't wait to see them in 5-10 years!
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