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Would you like her contact info?
That'd be awesome!
*random phone call*
Cait : "hello"
MTG: "Hi, I saw yous tits on the Drake!"

"Wanna Meet?"
Rule #1: Always quote a first post.

Rule #2: Especially in the Assifieds.

Fuck me.

God damned rookies.

Carry on.
The Assifieds is thndr's turf - any longtime lurker would know that - so I was quite surprised at the content. When I see a first post in the Assifieds I immediately think we're about to be treated to something exceptional.

Dude is still online. Maybe he's got the stones to throw it all back up. Or come back with a gear-free Cliff's Notes version of his first attempt.

Either way, he'll take some lumps.

Either way, a test of character awaits him, should he care to venture further down the rabbit hole.
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