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By Redchaser
[report]Got out with Lurker Mike this weekend, I hogged the bow. Saturday was tough, Sunday the fish got slutty, schools slurpin' skrimps in da' bayou. This is the only fish picture from this weekend on my phone, Mike's got the rest. Pulling on these is like fighting a fire truck.
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Hey Boomin, cute fish[/report]
By steelhound
[report]Some buddies of mine and I wanted to go out and get the last day out of our pa fishing licenses. In true for we never crossed the boarder into pa.
The day started cold with lots of slush pushing down stream. About 11 o'clock the slush would burn off, and so did the bite. We hung out at a well known hole for like an hour. After that I put on the hiking boots and went for a walk. I was rewarded shortly after.
After a quick fight and quick photo I wanted to see if it was just luck or if I had found something. Two drifts later I was reassured.
This fish swam away and one of my cohorts finally made it up to me, but he was on the wrong side and couldn't cross, so he got to watch this fish get landed too
After that my boys figured out how to get over to me, and I left them fish.
And every group has one
I had the opportunity to land one more, and it was with my boys there.
After a full morning and plans to drink till the wee hours I took a nap
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By FredA
[report]Got out for a hike to enjoy some public lands today. 25 degrees and sunny. Perfect.
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Hiked 2 miles in. A few bumps but that was it. Took a break before heading back.
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On the return trip just before getting back to the car... got a few at the bridge pool.
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Cheers fellas. :cool[/report]
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By kish
Fishing in snowshoes for the win!
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