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By fatman

Been awhile since I'd made it out with Tracy. We've shared a bunch of campfires

and shot bows together in the past. He spends lots of time trying to catch 100# catfish

and doing predator control on a big cattle ranch. We both get the itch this time of year

when the weather starts to turn and the temperates start their run:

Tracy says the ranch he's working has 55 ponds. Some have bass.

Hope to post more pictures of Tracy this summer...

:smile :smile :smile :smile :smile :smile :smile[/report]
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By ironman
Predator control on a big cattle ranch. That's a heluva job description.


The new brass reel foot for your click'r is set to arrive this week. Hope to have something to report soon. Had no idea the subterranean machine shop was doing this sort of artistry before I ordered. PA dudes gotta eat too, I suppose.
By croaker
[report]Edwards Clan 2017 Mountain Trip

We knew before heading north that the fishing conditions would be dismal.
Never let such things stop us before, fishing and catching fish are a bonus.
Sharing family time with 4 generations is what it is about.

Here's some various and sundry pictures:

My Dad and Nephew at the lake behind the cabin. No fish were sore lipped.


My Grand Nephew challenging my Dad, no serious injury occurred:


To the Chattooga River and back to the cabin, no animals were harmed:


Bryson (aka Little Dirty Dog) my Grand Nephew asking my Dad and Uncle Ernie about challenging
me (Uncle Dirty Dog) again as I am not a gentleman and will hit below the belt, and, he knows it:


View of the cabin and seeing some sights on the way back south:


A grand time was had by all. 3 fish were caught in the lake. 1 15" Rainbow by my Dad and 2 Rainbows 6" and 8" by Bryson (his first by his self fish). They are still arguing about who out fished who...

We decided that next year we will go in June.[/report]
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By fatman
Little Dirty Dog needs to step up his beard game...

real good :smile
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By Trucha Del Mar
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Sage RPL and Lamson LP for the WIN!!!
By chadroc
clearly bryson has outfished here. 2 to 1. great trip. well done. and trucha gets some stripey fish as a bonus. nice job fellas.
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By Greenback
I fished with Willi a few days ago. It was good. Willi is one of the fishiest guys I know. Probably the fishiest.

Some of the mojo must have rubbed off on me that day.

Fatty.png (1.04 MiB) Viewed 1415 times
When I got home I told GB Jr. that I caught a bigger fish than Willi (they've met a few times) and he fired right back, "Don't get used to it!"
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By BigTimber
Greenback wrote: Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:50 pm I fished with Willi a few days ago. It was good. Willi is one of the fishiest guys I know. Probably the fishiest.

Some of the mojo must have rubbed off on me that day.


When I got home I told GB Jr. that I caught a bigger fish than Willi (they've met a few times) and he fired right back, "Don't get used to it!"
now that's funny.
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By FredA
Urban fishing. It’s always interesting what you see on the water. Fly-chucker and I got out. We decided to hit some new water in the city and chase some smallmouth and maybe musky.
We motored up as far as the river would allow. Stopping at a ledge that looked damned fishy. Nothing. It was chilly and rainy. Not what you’d hope for in August.
IMG_3708.JPG (187.47 KiB) Viewed 960 times
Along the banks you’d see old rusty bikes, refrigerators, power line ceramic insulators, and all kinds of other garbage. Other than that the water looked prime. We fished for a while in the wind and rain and it was starting to feel like one of those long slow days on the water.

Then things got weird. We were holding position on the river under a bridge of one of the busy city streets. It was still cold and it was still raining. I think I was in the process of tying on a fly when I hear fly-chucker say to me “is that a naked man?”

I look up and sure enough, on the side of the river just below the busy city street, there is a man, totally naked, gingerly stepping across a riffle, cupping his junk with both hands as he went.

“Holy shit he sure is man.”

I think we were already both laughing at that point but also thinking what the fuck?

The man then ran into the woods and the weeds. He reappeared about five minutes later wearing a plaid shirt and still no pants or shoes. He walked along the rivers edge until he reached the riffle, gingerly walked across to the other side and disappeared up into the woods towards the busy city street.

Just a normal day on the water I guess.

Fly-chucker and I went back to fishing for a while and then decided to pull over riverside for lunch. I hopped out and walked about a block to get us some hot deli sandwiches. On my way back to the boat I passed the naked man. No longer naked… wearing that same plaid shirt and thankfully now some pants and shoes as well. I’m not sure he recognized me… it’s probably better that way.

Fly-chucker and I then sat in the boat and enjoyed our hot italiano sandwiches with grilled salami, capicola, pepperoni, ham, and melted provolone. Damn they were good.

We had noticed some fish busting the surface out in the deep water. We headed over to see what they were. For the next hour or so we proceeded to hammer what turned out to be some kind of shad. It took us a bit to figure them out but once we did it was a blast. Small nymphs swung just under the surface in 15 feet of water. Doubling up a couple times. Laughing the entire time. Later in the day the sun came out and the smallies started to wake up a bit and the shad bite continued.
It was an interesting day of urban fishing for sure. Cheers.
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By fatman
we caught some o' them jumpin little fukkers down in fallen cunt'ry:

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