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By ditchdoc
[report]A bunch of the usual local suspects went to a non-local reservoir to fish for carp and camp. Shit kicking rain happened. Fish happened. This was all I caught. 10 lb. 6wt. on an olive/brown wooly.
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grass carp? nice, that would be fun
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By Boomin
I find that chicken liver patterns work best for catfish. You can touch it
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By yard4sale
Might want to untuck the shirt to cover up the man-cameltoe.

Fry it up?
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By blumpkin
Channel Cat? Surprised you did not bend the hook out, those suckers pull...

I for one have always struggled with Carp, others make it look easy.
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By ditchdoc
Didn't think to label this as a channel cat. Thought it was obvious. It was caught and released, although two old boys fishing from a dock wanted it. Told them they could have it if they came and got it. They thought that was pretty funny. This guy pulled hard, had my six weight bent double. Thank you Scott rods.

We usually catch plenty of carp but that day the carp bite was off.
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By T.J. Brayshaw
ditchdoc wrote:Didn't think to label this as a channel cat. Thought it was obvious.
It was obvious.

You see, this is the problem we face when we allow folks to jump from "non-fisherman" to "fly fisherman" without going through the normal channels (no pun intended) of bait fisherman and then spin/plug fisherman first.

If I had my way...

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