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By Fishwater
Thanks. It's been a long time coming.

A few photos from this morning:



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By Redchaser
Damn man it's looking awesome. It will look even better with a little slime on it.
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By Streamer

Yer Pal,

PS: I have a picture of a skiff in an old magazine.
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By jerms
I nearly bought the same plans. Thank goodness I realized that I don't have the patience required to make the most out of a build like that.

Looks great, I can't wait to see progress reports. I'm a bit of a homebuilt skiff junkie.
By croaker
That's a beauty and it ain't finished...
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By Fishwater
Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. It's nearly done. Hoping to put the final coat of paint on this weekend if the weather will cooperate. I have an appointment next week to have the game warden inspect it and give me the HIN so I can get it registered.

MWK, when are you headed to town? If I remember correctly, I can hit a driver from my back yard and hit your son's apartment. Shoot me a PM. If the weather's good, we'll hit the water. If not, we can hit the local watering hole.
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By Fishwater
RonRatliff wrote:That's fuckin sweet!!! I've been looking at the same plans
Let me know if you're serious. I can tell you a lot about what not to do.

Had it inspected, titled, and registered this morning. I'm paying taxes on it so it's officially a boat.

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By vaku
looks beautiful! Can it handle a large guy on the front...... asking for a friend.

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