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Rods all sold.

The following reel is for sale:

Abel TR2 - black reel in excellent++ condition. Reel has a great weight to it and balances most four weight perfect and is built to last a lifetime. Comes with original pouch. Reduced to $175US.
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I am really interested in that 4 weighted rod. Got any pictures of the rod tube cap just barely peeking out of your asshole?
1. What is the South American price?
2. Do you have anything for the really really windy days? Like super windy rods for shooting line?
I see smoke….
No smoke here boys, I got all of these rod on a bamboo trade. I fish primarily bamboo and and just don't need these rods. You can pay by paypal, better for me (quicker payment) and gives you protection. I only listed them here because none of the bamboo guys on the classic fly rod forum want them and one of the members suggested I offer them here. If you want to speak to ensure this is legitimate PM me and I'll send you my number so we can discuss.
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It was not me who sent him over here. I promise. I swear . or something like that.
AJB wrote:I fish primarily bamboo and and just won't use these rods.
That's gheyest fucking thing ever posted on this board.
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By austrotard
no no... we had a photo of douchebag carne on here and that was gayer than sam smith rainbow aids.

but this is up there, true.
Surly wrote:This hemorrhoid has been spamming this shit all over the innerwebs.
Surly, don't be a dick and don't speak about what you don't know. Spamming this all over the web? Show me or anyone on the board an example of this, better yet post this for us all to see. When you can't do this I guess everyone will realize the only hemmroids to be seen will be yours.

I offered and sold these rods here as a straight up deal for anyone looking for a couple of rods. I wasn't looking to make any money off anyone just cover the cost of the rods I took in on a trade. The guys who bought them got a hell of a good deal, I'm happy cause I got my funds. Seems like it worked out for everyone but bitter assholes like you.

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