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Apology, I was expecting one from you, seriously. You said I was spamming this all over the internet, it was on one other site, which in my clearly indicated in my initial posting. Your reference that I was spamming this all over was obviously not true and I am still not sure why you would make such a comment.

Anyway, in the words of a wise man............I am glad that's settled.
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By root wad
AJB wrote: Sometimes you just got to believe not everyone is trying to jam it up your ass.
Hey, that was my idea.
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By Hogleg
Do you have anything else for sale or will that be all then?
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By Lando
You sold your rods so why not just leave? Head back to the old balls forum and talk about what a bunch of assholes the Drake place has.


Post an intro upstairs and they those fucks have with your peachy ass.
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By BearsFan

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