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By Lando
I got a new-to-me boat......

94 Smokercraft Stiletto w/ 75 hp Mercury

I’m not sure there will be enough beer holders for Hagen, but it’ll be a lot easier to row him around.
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By fatman
shouldn't you be chasin' red meat this time of year?
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By Lando
fatman wrote: Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:43 pm shouldn't you be chasin' red meat this time of year?
By the time I got around to getting tags, the unit I've always hunted was sold out. I picked up a couple of other tags, but I am not too familiar with the area. That, and a lack of snow, has had me doing other things. I still hope to get out before my time is up.
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By BigTimber
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By Lando
Time to do it all over again.....

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By fatman
you're knocked up?
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By sarmulminnow
Really,,,well. congratulations!

(very cool asics, only black or white back when I wore that size, you are such a cool dad/dude )
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By Lando
The GF moved in a few months back. Her boy is 5, going on 6, and had his first practice last night. I am looking forward to many hours sitting on a bleacher waiting for a hard cross face or a good blast double. :cool
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By fatman
aaahhh man, I miss those days. Protip: risk your Man Card status and opt for the bleacher cushion :smile
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By Lando
It’s not my first rodeo....I have a fancy one with a backrest.
By fishskibum
What's go in on?
Ya take the grom skiing yet?
I got gear should ya needs
Sweet new esox whip
Lease me the pooperslut this season
And put in for a mid fork salmon permit
Sept chucker cast n blast
Tell lougod woof
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