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Kolledog wrote:New to this forum. Not new to the magazine.

I buy and sell lots of audio/stereo equipment and I got this rod as part of a large trade with a few amplifiers and speakers.

I'm more of a trout guy and love my Winston TMF and a few other old Winston IM6 rods.

I don't think this Winston XDLT 9 ft. 9 wt rod has ever been fished. Appears unused. Perfect condition. No nicks or dings other than a small dent in the cork.

I'd like 250 bux for this rod or a trade for another high-quality trout rod or large-arbor reel for 4-6 weight line. What I'd really like is a pair of new Patagonia size 12 foot tractor wading boots.

LMK what you got...

Send me your email, and I'll send you more pix

Thank you.
Throw in a pristine Pioneer SX-1980 and you've got a deal. Otherwise fuck right off.
Sorry, the rod sold to my UPS delivery person for $35.
She agreed to shovel my snow for the rest of the winter and lick the dog whenever it got itchy.
I think we all made out, especially the dog.
However, I will keep this site in mind whenever I have a fly rod to sell and want to get some abuse from a bunch of lunchbags
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:cool I concur with WB :cool

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