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By Spicytuna


Got this finally all cleaned up:
Image[/[URL= ... 8.jpg.html]Image

My workshop for the night:
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By Spicytuna
Hogleg wrote:Lots of snaggy stuff on the bow there that needs to come off. You could probably cut that railing back flush with the next support tower and move those cleats back to that spot as well and be all right.

I like the lighting bolt idea as well.

Also you should put a big ass Coleman cooler in the middle for a seat and paint YETI on it.

I use stripping baskets all the time but if the line misses would be good to have a clear area. Either way that's a weird spot for cleats.
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By Spicytuna
Can I get any street cred or pro deals with the original Marlin (actually looks like swordfish) painted on it???

Just leave all that stuff and Carry a quilt with you. If you throw a quilt over that stuff your line won't get caught.

A sheet of plywood would help with the dead bodies as you could tilt it up and roll them right off.

You could always paint it purple and paisley in honor of Prince.
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By D-nymph
Hogleg wrote:You could probably cut that railing back flush with the next support tower
That's the first thing I'd do & move the cleats.

I don't see a live well. Where does the bait go?
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By Redchaser
Where are you going to mount the gun turrets?
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By yard4sale
Don't forget the scrambled eggs.
the-captain-619x464.jpg (95.15 KiB) Viewed 1518 times
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nice ride, Boeshield for all electrical connections after you have cleaned and tightened them. WD 40 or another for the motor after rinsing the salt off. clean her up and you have a really noice rig.
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By cornholio
Nice rig Tuna!
I second the unicorn stickers. LOL

Just get KD to fabricate the troll motor mount on the bow. Most important accessory, as you now. If the main motor runs and you have a spare cooler to use as a seat, you’re all set. All the other fluff and mods can wait. Except for the unicorn stickers....
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote:I swear to dog if you dont paint lightning bolts on that thing Im going to burn this place to the ground. TO THE GROUND.
Go ahead, I bet your mom will be glad to have you back in the basement. :bomb
Roughfish swap (Heero backed out)

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