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By stillsteamin
-G- wrote:Feel free to contact if you'll be in the area.
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By Upsetter
My backyard. Feel free. Everyone does. Lemme know and I'll do what I can. Reciprocation not necessary.
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Well since I was the author of this little experiment, It seems only fitting that I put up the first report, such that it is. Last summer Deadwestern (ryan) came down to fish with me here in chucktown before his little one was born, knowing he wouldn't have as much free time to run off on these little adventures once the little one was up and mobile.. We had a good time.. managed to catch some fish, and just generally enjoyed each others company.. it was this trip, among many others like it over the years that inspired this place..

Because he is a drakian through and through, the offer was placed to me to come to Georgia, stay with him and his young family, and chase stripers around the lake. Winter fishing in chucktown is good, but one can get bored eating the same meal over and over, so given the opportunity i'll take something a little different whenever I can get it. My birthday came around again, as it has a nasty habit of doing, so I decided to use it as an excuse to flee town and see what this lake striper thing was all about.

So I loaded up the car, put on a good book on tape and rolled up the road.... I kind of hate long highway drives, so I cut across country a bit.. it extended the drive, but saved my sanity..


once I arrived, we were in the truck and headed to the ramp within about 10 minutes.. we were going to get this party started quick.. or so we thought...


Shit happens.. you fuck about with boats, and they will fuck up your day eventually.. its what they do. We tinkered around with it a while at the ramp.. no dice, but luckily Ryan is a good dude who has friends with boats who don't mind dropping everything to come fishing with him and a complete stranger.. I didn't take any photo's this night, but its the only night we caught any fish.. not that I cared.. Ryan got a nice striper under the lights, and I managed a little dink Spot.. i've got no inclination to be showy with my fish..

The next day we slept in a bit, had breakfast, and hit the water... It was a beautiful day for late February, but alas the fish didn't want to play the game.. they would pop up, and then just as quickly go back down.. no time for casts in between.. so we rode around and soaked up the sun.. topping off our Vit D tanks that are all but bone dry this time of year.


I brought some good beer from chucktown.. they started going down quick..


We decided to stop and grab a bite for lunch.. The lake was low, but the view was still nice..



We continued to ride around that afternoon.. and spent a while just relaxing, drinking beer, and enjoying the day.. Ryan being the good host he is was a little upset that the fish wouldn't cooperate.. me.. I was just happy to be out and about.. it was a good day... with good people.. no complaints..

We fished on into the night, the fish on the lights didn't want to work with us either.. so we just kept drinking..


So, in closing, I wish the first report posted here could be a fish, packed with action and general "Epicness".. but that's not how it happened.. that's not how it needed to happen.. Problems at home caused me to have to leave the next morning, cutting out a complete day of fishing.. but it is what it is.. and I regret nothing..

This is what this thread is for..the sharing of experiences.. i'm certain that given time, there will be some awesome reports posted here.. but i'm equally as sure that there will be a few like this.. all are welcome.. and all should be shared.. that, after all, is what makes this place suck so bad..[/report]
[report]Back in the spring when I visited Mike he set the bar real high in hospitality. He pushed me around flats i'd never seen, got me good and drunk at his local bar, put me in front of some horny redfish, and shared his friends and family for a weekend. This is the Drake.


Looking forward to the next time on the water :cool[/report]
Good on y'all MM & DW!

Fish are the means to "Good company in a journey makes the way to seem the shorter" (Old Italian sayin').

Yeah fish make your hands smell. :cool

Hopefully I could make it to some other areas to take advantage of this but it's not all that likely. That said I'd be willing to take anyone out here anyway. Long a varied season and species. Gl steelhead to world class smallies and carp. Musky in water so clear you get to see them follow for like 20 feet before not eating your fly. Small, really hard to catch wild trout too. If you've ever wanted to spend 15 minutes trying to hook a seven inch brown, i'm your man. Vessels with oars, vessels with paddles and vessels with engines.

Them who like the spray pole can try to reach that far bank where the big un's hold.
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The odd Carp
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Can't guarantee you have what it takes to pull it off but, you may even get a chance at the GL Permit.
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