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Finished varnishing the seat, and changed some other things around to walnut for fun. Maybe walnut trim on the side trays next. Maybe not.

Things I don’t suck at anymore: varnishing
Things I’m still not competent in yet: varnishing
Things I shouldn’t do in 100% humidity: varnishing

[fish_report]Grandpas tools——-

“Sandra, this is not an awful way to pass. You have the blessing of knowing when you will go, and you’ll be able to tell the people you love what you want them to hear before you go”

Before my grandmothers doctor said that, we all learned my grandmothers time was running short. I’m not saying this here to get sympathy of any sorts, but rather to explain the beginning of some more projects.

“He would want you to have them”

She said referring to my grandfathers wood working tools when I last brought supper over to her old farm house about an hour northwest of town. She was a woman of few words, and that sentence meant a lot coming from her.

My grandfather passed about 7 years ago from Alzheimer’s, and was an avid wood worker, hunter, and fisherman. All of which however took a back seat to being a good husband and father. I hang my hats still on racks he made, and think about walking through the woods with him, him letting me drive his old ford ranger, how kind of a man he was to my grandmother and to his three daughters, and him taking me fishing on the small creek (pronounced crick, mind) that ran through his property.

It felt only fitting, upon hearing that my grandmother wanted me to take his tools that I first made something that represented some of my memories with them.

These are some of my grandpa’s tools I now use:





Since I screwed the pooch on my last front/ back seat endeavor—Figured I’d give it another try using exclusively these tools.

The goal was to make rope seats compatible with a swivel so the front dude can shoot hoopers/ skunks under the booshes from a seated position when our waters turn gin in the summer months. Fishing whilst standing is for the early hours of high anticipation streamer fishing this time of year, not when it’s 3 in the afternoon, you’re 7 beers deep, and the grasshoppers are roosting on our grassy undercuts.

Some bending needed to take place. I made a form similar to what one would make for building a net to wrap these around to make the shape I wanted. A little more difficult with these rips than the small ones to make a net..



Some half-laps for the bottom support/ swivel mount.



A trial view


Still a lot of sanding/ epoxy coats/ varnishing to do.. and to make one more for the back but this has turned out to be a fun/ challenging one thus far. [/fish_report]
Looks comfy.

The Ol' man is smiling for sure.

Nice choice on the tunes.
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