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Since you seem to be a slave to capitalism can we get a picture of your sister?

you obviously care a lot for your writer reputation.
you must not be any good to risk your good name.

someone should review your nonsense with a direct link to this thread.

Gunnison_Country wrote: Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:38 pm

Emoji use by an alleged 'scientist' is embarrassing. We should debate creation vs evolution.

...more or less embarrassing than a self-promoting trout hatchery lackey shilling as a flyfishing guru?
An internet jackal masquerading as a evolution-believing, emoji-playing scientist who trolls internet forums is the most embarrassing of all. Kudos on taking my advice and ditching the emoji. Emojis are a bad look for a "scientist'.
OK yeah that's great, now how about that sister pic?

It's funny how predictable and pathetic these types always are. It's like there's a school for it somewhere. Dime a fuckin dozen and literally the what, hundredth of you in the past ten years? Must be one of those Chinese clone factory things.

If this follows the pattern it's probably about the time you do an interweb search on me and come up with some really clever and deeply hurtful dirt. I'll probably need therapy. Again.

Or maybe you'll just make other equally clever threads on the other boards?

Either way, been done to death but go ahead and throw it on the giant pile of no one gives a shit.

Carry on :coffee
austrotard wrote: Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:31 am just went to see the darkest hour at the cinema.

top film. and not too movies gay.
who wins?
Substatial(sic) ? Dec12
My creativity and passion know no bounds? Dec 13. Meh

By the way, Mitch, the Drake may well be the most enjoyed magazine in my waiting room, usually worn out or missing in about a week, same as Mad magazine.
If I see someone reading People about the royal family or the Kordashians I know the chairtime may get pretty weird. Most enjoyed books in waiting room are Robert Bateman, Pat McManus and Jerry Kustich.
Sorry, I had to take a drive up over the hill to the big city and work the ISE Show in Denver for several days. The show was much better than last year during the big blizzard, and was certainly $$good$$ to me, but it is really great to be back with my Drakian friends. Lots of 'evil' folks over in Denver trying to make a little cash. Now where were we..? Ah, yes, we were discussing the epically informative and interesting guidebook "Fly Fishing the Gunnison Country." Excellent read.
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