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Seriously. 4 piece rods. Appreciate any leads on someone looking to move an older dusty rod out of their closet.

For saltwater. So,

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so you're looking for a 10 piece 4wt?

sorry got distracted :cool
Price range?
Da Ax wrote: Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:20 amPrice range?
Not a lot to compare to on the interwebs. Would depend on which rod we're talking about, condition, celebrity status of the owner obviously considered. Huge fly fisherman preferred so I know it's coming from a good home. Strong finishes in the merkin are a plus. Points deducted for pizza grease on the cork.

If you've something pm me
Any other makes models you would consider beyond the GL3/GLX and S4S? I've run across a few GL3's but in 2pc. GLX's are going for damn near retail and the I've not found any S4S's in 4 pc in that weight.
IF i find one, the response is required to be "That'll do, ghost truffle pig."

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