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By fatman
root wad wrote: Is that water the average guy and his kid can fish? How much do they now charge to capture those mutant pellet heads?
Believe it or not, there ARE places that the average guy and his kid cannot fish - and neither can wealthy assholes. It's called private land, and it is sometimes managed by people who want to be stewards for the land and the fish. Because profit is not the motivator, the water does not get beat to a froth, and fish are allowed to reach a good size. Permission is obtained by becoming part of the fabric of the local society...or being lucky enough to befriend a local. It's something that is still alive in parts of the west. Nice fish, CE.... :smile
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By CarelessEthiopian
Well said, Fattie.
Ginseng Sullivan wrote:what's the draw?
You haven't truly lived until you've pegged a big brown bead for some stupid slimy stockers.
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By root wad
I am not in this to pick a fight nor do I insinuate there was a monetary exchange here. I've a great deal of respect for both the angler and the photographer in this posting. In a former life I played a part in the creation of such destinations. I am not proud of it. Perhaps that precipitated my response. The huge malformed fish that unwitting guests were "guided" to were supposed to be called "spawners" to explain their lack of body parts. Is there a place for this in our modern fishing fabric? I suppose so. After all reality TV is very popular with a large segment of society. That element needs to fish somewhere. It just struck me as incongruent for the folks who brought us, in sheer brilliance, the beer suit and a burning love seat to show up on here holding trophies with a missing gill plate. That is all. The rant is over. Oh, and by the way, you can now rent a 2 BR cabin at DTR for less than a grand a day. Most of the private fishing, however, requires the hiring of a guide. The $50 private water rod fee is extra. As I said, I am not proud of my part in this. I still wish my pictures looked like that. Thankfully our rivers just opened.
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By CarelessEthiopian
It was just a fun way to spend a few hours, that's all. Fishing like that is not something you can take seriously, but it can be fun. I don't know too many folks that would turn it down, out of principle, if they had the chance.

We didn't go out there to harass a bunch of pigs. We went to go meet a new friend, spend some time on the water, and shoot the shit. We were just dicking around, caught a few fish, and took a few shots. Maybe I should not have posted the one with the telltale dorsal fin and gill plate.

Read Fatman's post again. It's exactly that kind of place.

For the record, DTR has nothing to do with any of this. I just happened to be wearing a new hat.
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By root wad
Point well taken. Sincere apologies for my contribution to it. I blame it on a chemical imbalance.
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By Hogleg
Wow, I don't know what to say that obscure reply except that I'll go fish there anytime I'm invited and can make it happen, just like CE and Fullwells did. I'll also post up the pics whenever I do. Take it or leave it for yourself but I'll take it anytime I can get it for damn sure. To each their own but, bottom line, no fish were harmed in this filming and some righteous dudes obviously had a real good time fishing.

Nice pics boys!
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By Walter
Ginseng Sullivan wrote: oh and i forgot- WTF Walter? you gots that brookie shit down my man, those are some amazing fish. :cool
Tanks man - I enjoy those fish more than just about anything in this life. :smile
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By Junglecock
Fullwells you got skills. Makes me want to shoot more pic's. If only it would quit raining up here this summer.

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