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By MTgrayling
Mike Honcho wrote:
MTgrayling wrote:
RaZ wrote:it's a hatchery mutant. aka Palimino, Golden Rainbow Trout...
will have to research banana trout...
They dump them in PA so the clueless know where to cast.
Guess you've never caught a stockie in your life huh, you prolly only cast dries downstream right?
:bullshit You must be one of the clueless scanning the pools for those white trout, or maybe you just elbow a spot into the hole with the most guys in it. I bet you pump their stomachs also.

Dude chill. I catch stockies, check my new guy thread, there's a few in it. I took off of school and carried buckets, some containing that very unnatural strain, every year before "opening day" back there.

Alright, what is the rational behind PA's planting of streams with mutant trout then?
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By RaZ
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By Ramcatt
MTgrayling wrote: Alright, what is the rational behind PA's planting of streams with mutant trout then?


when your firing a shitload of trout from a tanker truck through a 8in diameter hose... it is easier to count the yellow ones
1 yellow = 100 regulars

i have no facts backing that statemenrt
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By MTgrayling
RaZ wrote:$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I'll buy that. A stocked trout not freezer mounted is a loss to the put and take crowd, hence the judas fish.
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By foureyedgeek
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By Springfed
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By MadTrout
Yellowstone Cutt going for it's prey.
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By Overcast
channel dollies 046.jpg
channel dollies 046.jpg (48.48 KiB) Viewed 1100 times
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