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By GStyler
QuillGordon wrote: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5839&p=250165#p250165

Another Siskel & Ebert
U da bomb

Feild Engineer = Surveyor

Field Engineer = Inspector

You a funny guy, not in ha ha funny either

Yer local Wal-Mart , feminine hygiene aisle (sorry), buy/use two I can smell ya from here bitch

Are these supposed to be insults?

PS field engineer in my case = Blows Stuff up
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By Ricky Bobby
I admit it...

Quill Gordon is my alter ego....

And I am going to bring a lawsuit against all you bitches for calling me names, and for having an opinion, and stuff....
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By Ty Webb
Ricky Bobby wrote:I admit it...

Quill Gordon is my alter ego....
I knew it had to be a joke ID, nobody could be that much of a sperm drunk fuckstick as a real person.

Good One RB!
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By Float Rod
Fuck off Quill.

you little whiney bitch. hows your lawyer doing??

Fucking little bitch ass cunt

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