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By Mad_Mike
Hey guys... as you know my picture taking skills are horrible. But I managed to get my hands on a Nikon FM100 at a yard sale for 5 bucks... it needed some repair, so I took it to the camera shop and all is good to go.

I know that digital SLR is the way to go, but I kinda like the oldschool factor of film, and would like to start taking this thing with me fishing for scenery type photos.

Anyone know anything about this camera, or have any tips on using it, or film in general??

Thanks for you time, now you may continue bashing queer_Gordon... :coffee
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By castingoutloud
I know the Nikon FM and FM2 where good basic manual cameras always a good BU for an F3 if you did not have the dough for two bodies I don't know what an FM100 is just a sec hmmm not much on google. A good camera no doubt. Stick to Nikor lenses though.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
never heard of the fm 100 either. could be a european model they sometimes get different numbers over there. if it's similar to the fm2 there will be a +0- for the meeter on the right side of the viewfinder. typically shoot at - one stop for outdoor stuff to keep the highlights from blowing, that always worked for me on the fm2. if you can find one of the old ais 50mm 1.4 lenses. super ridiculous sharp and works good wide open for low light you will have a fairly light, mostly bulletproof cam that will perform even if the battery dies. the meter wont work but the cam will. great for back country trips or long time between shoots. should be able to find one of those lenses for well under a hundy. i might have a few to swap for other swag if you need some glass.
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By Mad_Mike
Ok so my bad its not an FM... its an FG 100...

It has a really nice aftermarket lense on it... but I'm def gonna want to get a few different lenses to play with... PM me, we may have to do a little swapin'...

here is a pic....

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By castingoutloud
Sure it is not a FAG
No such thing as a good after market lens.
GS is right to a point 1.4 50mm Nikkor is a good lens but the 105 was the best they (Nikkor) ever produced. compared to the digital crap doesn't really matter. Fix it in post is the general Idea I think.

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