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By E. Subvaria
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By illcentrifugal
duuude, there was two different kinds of midges in that pic.
is one an olive and the other a grey, or one the grey and the other the olive?
i thought olives were mayflys??
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By Spudnik
Can somebody please explain to me what this means?
master of science in angling dimensions

And whats with the thumbs up, bro? Your eagle video was chock full of them, and you opened this one with a big banger thumby's up. What the deal?
By Truchero
AftonAngler wrote:
Wow, AA, as these things go, this shit was pretty well done. Watched some of the others, read through the blog (such as it is), no douchebaggery there. These dudes friends of your's?
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By E. Subvaria
AftonAngler wrote:

Wisco early opener '10

watch and take notes

I could tell by your buddy's hook sets that I have caught more fish than them.

Pass it along that you don't need to rip the lips off the trout. One can tell if their hook set is too staunch for their foray if the hook set pulls the fish out of the water.

This is easily resolved by practicing catching multiple species of fish through various methods. It is recommend to spend at least 200 days a year angling to become a master.

Cute video by the way. Do you guys share tents?
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By Woolybug25
Being that Afton is well respected by pretty much everyone in the industry (which btw way, none of them seem to know or even care who the fuck you are) I find it comical that you would have the audacity to try to out him. You are a no talented piece of shit that pretty much no one respects. You have ONE post that you ever made that had positive feedback on, and that was only because everyone was imagining your wife butt naked surrounded by mayflies. Why someone would continously subject themselves to this kind of treatment is beyond me. If I every see you at a show, river or whatever.... I am going to fuck you up.
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By Woolybug25
Wow... I had too much to drink last night. While I agree with pretty much everything I said, the last sentence wasnt necessary. Threatening physical voilence on the interwebs is lame and I apologize for that. If I saw you on the river, I wouldnt go out of my way to put down the beat down.

So you have that going for you... which is nice..
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By shunned
t'was nice actually.

hee hee... what a bell end.
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