Monthly photo contests will be the feature of this forum. Discussions of photographic techniques, gear, software, etc will (hopefully) discussed here.
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By MadTrout
Ginseng Sullivan wrote:very cool look to your work. i'm not a fan of post processing myself but i do appreciate good work. :cool

Sorry for my ignorance.
What's "post processing"?
By germanbrown
killer shots!
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By Carolina_Fly
Amazing stuff man. The wings do look like stained glass.
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By MadTrout
Yes I've done a bit of postprocessing on the pics, but not very much.
In most pics I've just adjusted contrast and the colours, if they've been off.
They are mostly taken with either a Canon EOS1 Mark III or a Canon 5D Mark II.
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By P-A
Great work Ulf, that orgy mayfly pic is just sick mate
:cool :cool
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By foureyedgeek
Bump, some bug pictures from our TU stream survey last evening.


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