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[quote="Woolybug25"]What a dick...


Nice release going to try out for the Pittsburgh Pirates? This video is a wealth of spinner quotes and information

1. "spinners seem to be the key"

2. The heavy breathing, even though no one is moving

3. How the inbred in the camo has to have Len unhook and release a 10 inch fish REPEATEDLY, only so he can chuck it back from 6 feet away REPEATEDLY!

4. The same camo'd inbred posing in front of a video camera for 15 seconds with the fish, like he's having his photo taken.....

5. "Nice parr marks, that's how you know it's a stream born fish"
By Wisconsin Gun Dogger
LenH1 wrote:Image

interesting quad of anglers...3 of which no longer have anything to do wtih you because of your asshattery.

the gravel you hear hitting the side of your house is Tarka spinning his tires to get as far away from you as fast as possible

By LenH1

I believe I will go fishing now.
Does your Occupational License cover driving to The "Driftless Area"????
By Wisconsin Gun Dogger
Every time you post a fish picture..every single fucking time on every single page of every single message board, every fucking viewer will think of that video of you dribbling those fish.Gentle Tarka and I lift a glass to your douchbaggery.

Have a safe fishning trip, Sunshine

By LenH1

why don't you explain to all your cronies how you are the ONLY angler in the HISTORY of the West Fork Of The Kickapoo Camp Grounds to ever be banned from the campgrounds for life?

Guess that is a mute point anyway. Occupational licenses don't allow for driving out of work times.

Tight Whines Sunshine
By Wisconsin Gun Dogger

You come back here (thinkng I am BC a former friend of yours) and try and throw me under the bus the way you did Scudly? are you kidding me?

Even if I was BC (which I'm not) how does that forgive your antics........ON FILM

go back to dribbling and squeezin fish

sad....your a sad pathetic excuse for a man....your dad would be so ashamed of you

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By ditchdoc
Bobwhite wrote:
Sakonnet wrote:Bob, what happened to your trutta's ta tas?
You know... green for summer.

That's the peril of Lisa knowing my password... look for seasonally themed Ta Tas in the future.
Ajax wrote:
Sakonnet wrote:Bob, what happened to your trutta's ta tas?
Sak, those are pasty's, not to be confused with pastie's. You can eat 'em both, but you've got to be pretty fucked-up to open door #1. And that glue tastes like shit!
Ajax, Lisa tells me that, as a result of popular demand, 3M now makes a special Ta Ta Tape.
Now... Len can finally keep his waders up.

...and cover his manboobs.

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